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I'm originally from Las Vegas and moved to Boise 11 years ago. I love the city and enjoy raising my 3 children here. Massage has been an amazing career for me. I have 24 years experience in the spa industry and have worked for incredible spas such as Spa Bellagio, The Wynn Spa, and Aveda Spa. In 2020, my dream of opening Kaneh came to life. I love bodywork and believe our bodies have the ability to self heal. I use my experience and knowledge to treat individuals as a whole person and feel incredibly blessed to partner with my clients on their journey of self discovery and healing.



My name is David Sindler and I’m a native to the Boise area.  I’ve been massaging since 2004 and expanded into physical therapy in 2017. My massages combines that knowledge and experience to curate a blend of detailed work with full body, relaxing maintenance.  Each massage is customized to fit what is needed that day. Kaneh is the perfect place to relax, unwind and heal. I look forward to assisting you through your health and healing journey.



Hello! I'm Mae and I've been practicing massage for 5 years and sound healing for 3 years. I use a variety of techniques and integrate a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point massage and Aromatherapy to provide a comprehensive approach. My style is grounding and soothing as I strive to promote relaxation from within. I love to learn as much as I can about the therapeutic benefits of bodywork. When I'm not in the massage room, I love being in nature...skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing. I look forward to meeting you and customizing a session that is harmonious in achieving your health goals.



Hi my name is Madison Eckhardt! I am passionate about massage therapy because I believe in leaving people better than I found them! In my free time I am very involved at church and being a light in this dark world! 



Hi I’m Ashley Joy, 
I’ve been a licensed aesthetician for 22 years and what a beautiful career I’ve had. Some seasons have been more focused on makeup artistry, doing fashion shows, photo shoots and helping brides get ready for their most memorable day. I’ve had years of amazing brow transformations for the most amazing clientele of deserving men and women. Recently, I was introduced to an incredible bioactive skincare line that has reignited my passion for healing the skin from the inside out. One thing has always remained consistent in my career and that is my love for helping people feel more confident in themselves an empowered in their healing. 



Hi! I’m Kelli. I am a passionate esthetician and Reiki healer with a deep commitment to holistic well-being. Specializing in frequency healing, organic bio-active skincare, and cutting-edge light treatments, I bring a transformative approach to beauty and wellness. My expertise extends to Biofield Tuning , a unique modality aimed at restoring balance and vitality using tuning forks as well as Lucia Light treatments to help reset the nervous system, activate your pineal gland and get you into a hypnagogic state. With a focus on enhancing both outer beauty and inner balance, my journey is dedicated to promoting radiant health and self-care through the harmonious synergy of skincare, energy healing, and advanced light therapies. I'm looking forward to meeting you and walking you down a path of great healing from skin deep to soul deep. 


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