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Sauna Space


Boise, Idaho

KANEH’S infrared SAUNA is the ultimate
space for your entire body!



The powers that be have flooded our planet with over 100,000 chemicals—and those are just the ones we know about! It’s not enough to cleanse once in a while, you need daily detox. And hundreds of studies now show sauna therapy to be one of the most effective ways to free yourself from the toxicity of modern living.



The sun has always been a source of healing and hope. And incandescent red, infrared light—the same type of light used in SaunaSpace lamps—most closely mimics the sun and everything that makes it so healing for our bodies.



In additional to chemical pollution and toxic heavy metals, we’re now being bombarded with a newer toxic element: electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from cellular phones, towers, WiFi, Smart Meters, and more. It’s clear we need protection. SaunaSpace offers the only truly EMF-free sauna experience AND has pioneered a model with protection from external EMFs, called, The Faraday.



Within our crowded cities and hectic lives, finding true space is hard these days. Our sauna provides you with a pure space for relieving stress and transforming your body and mind. This way, you can rest, recharge, and be at your best when you step back into this world each day.


 $29 for a 30-minute sauna session
$75 for series of 3 sauna sessions
$15 to add a sauna after massage or facials

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