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All of our holistic facials are customized to your skins specific needs and incorporate our organic, bio-active European skin care lines, OLIVEDA and LA DOPE. Our treatments begin with a double cleansing ritual to restore balance to your skins microbiome. Then, a rejuvenating exfoliant helps buff away dead skin cells allowing for better product absorption. Followed up by our signature facial massage which uses techniques that are rooted in ancient traditions to promote relaxation and vitality. A custom nourishing mask is then applied while your nervous system completely relaxes during a neck, arm & hand massage. A final application of our bio-active skin care + an optional internal skin/health elixir will leave you with a glowing complexion and a feeling of self gratitude.


This customized holistic treatment visibly clarifies the complexion, brightens uneven skin tone and helps target inflammation. 

70 min // $135


Designed to nourish the skin, promote graceful aging and unveil a radiant glow from the inside out. 

70 min // $135


This rejuvenating skin care treatment integrates therapeutic CBD infused skin care products that helps reduce redness + calm the senses.  You’ll leave feeling radiant and balanced. 

70 min // $150

Energy Healing / Tuning the Biofield

A mind, body, soul sound healing treatment using tuning forks on and around the body. Tuning the biofield with harmonic sound frequencies is a beautiful way to balance your electromagnetic field so that you can balance your electric body and it can find its way back to homeostatsis. If you’re feeling out of balance, out of “tune”, off in some way and can’t quite place your finger on what it is, tuning is a magnetic and magical way to get back into balance, to help you find clarity, and to help you connect with your highest self. Your cells entrain with the harmonic frequencies of the tuning forks, creating voltage, which in turn super charges your cells so they can perform at optimal levels.

60 min // $111

Lucia Light Treatment

Lucia Light Treatment is a meditative experience that activates your pineal gland, recalibrates your nervous system and gets you into a hypnagogic state. Walk away with increased intuition, inner peace, clarity, wonder, deep relaxation, and heightened creativity. Your system is activated, waves of light travel through your fascia and the brain entrains to the pulsing rhythm of the light. As you move deeper into the experience, neural networks and chemicals are activated, your body deeply relaxes and your unconscious world comes to life. 

60 min // $100

sanctuary // "a sacred space to let yourself be completely at peace, to recover, to heal."


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